Stanislaus River Information


The Stanislaus River is a 65-mile long waterway that flows from the Sierra Nevada Foothills to the San Joaquin River in the Eastern part of the Central Valley of Northern California. The Stanislaus River serves as a recreational site for all types: family friendly rafting trips can be found on the water in Knights Ferry and Oakdale, and adventure seekers can find world-class whitewater rafting trips on the North Fork of the Stanislaus. The Stanislaus River also offers great areas to hike, an extensive park system that is free to the public, amazing flora and fauna, as well as a variety of areas to fish in.

The Stanislaus River is a haven for those looking for water recreation in the Central Valley of Northern California. Multiple Stanislaus River rafting trips exist that range from mild to wild, and the park system on the Stanislaus has created portals for river kayaking, hiking, fishing, and camping for the public. Other highlights on the river include a large variety of wildlife (including yearly spawns of the endangered Chinook-Salmon), a storied history that dates back to the gold rush and beyond, and beautiful riparian scenery.

Whether you are looking for an adventure for your entire family, or just a low-key picnic on the riverside, the Stanislaus River is a wonderful outlet for those in the Central Valley region. If you are looking for information on the river itself, on weather, or on the various recreational activities the Stanislaus River harbors, browse around and find out how you can take advantage of what many in the Central Valley and Bay Area already do!

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