If you would like more information on rafting from Knights Ferry to Orange Blossom on the Stanislaus River, please call 800-829-7238 or visit RaftAdventure.comAs an added incentive, use code “stanislausriver” as a code when checking out to receive $5 off per person!

There are many options for those looking to do a Stanislaus River rafting trip, starting from family-friendly class I-II trips in the Central Valley all the way to wild whitewater trips class IV+ in Caleveras Big Trees State Park.

The most popular run on the Stanislaus River is the run from the town of Knights Ferry to Orange Blossom Park outside of Oakdale, CA. This trip, which is the closest commercial rafting run to the Bay Area, contains class I and II rapids that keep the trip exciting, but that are also tame enough so the whole family can enjoy them. This run is 8.5 miles of beautiful riparian scenery, and sightings of multiple bird and fish species, deer, and river otter are not uncommon. Flows vary based on seasonality, with trip lengths varying from 3 to 5 hours depending on the time of year. Stanislaus River Rafting companies can handle all of your trip needs including parking, equipment, and shuttling at the end of your trip. More information on this popular trip, which sees upwards of 25,000 participants a year, can be found by calling 800-829-7238 or at the Knights Ferry Rafting Trip Site.

From Orange Blossom Park downstream, the Stanislaus River maintains the flows seen on the Knights Ferry section, and includes parks along the way as well. Trips are also run commercially on the sections below Orange Blossom for rafters looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the popular Knights Ferry run.

Moving up the hill to the North Fork of the Stanislaus River, rafting is available as well. The 5-mile class IV+ run that begins in Caleveras Big Trees State Park runs daily from April through June, and is geared toward those looking for a thrill. Rapids such as Rattlesnake and Big Tree Falls will keep any whitewater rafter on the edge of his seat (literally), and the giant Sequoias lining the river’s edge make for majestic views. Commercial rafting on this section can be found here.

Regardless of which Stanislaus River rafting trip you end up doing, you are guaranteed a first-hand view of one of California’s most beautiful rivers. While accessing the river is free of charge to the public (meaning that you can put your own boat on the river free of charge), if you don’t have extensive experience and knowledge of the river, it is recommended that you use a Stanislaus River commercial company for your rafting needs. Even the most tame sections of the Stanislaus go through periods of high water that make them dangerous- so make sure you are prepared before setting out on any trip!

North Fork

A 5-mile wild ride that flows through Caleveras Big Trees State Park. Trips run daily April through early June. Trip is recommended for those with previous boating experience. Multiple class IV and VI+ rapids like Rattlesnake and Big Tree Falls, lunch included, and great scenery of the Sequoias. Fully guided with trips running from $140 to $170. 14 year old minimum.

Goodwin Canyon

Normally unrunnable except for at higher spring flows. Multiple class IV+ rapids. Very rarely run commercially anymore. For experienced rafters only.

Knights Ferry to Orange Blossom

The Stanislaus River’s most frequented trip. Stanislaus River rafting trips on this section run from April- October, and provide fun for a wide-variety of thrill seekers in Northern California. Small class I-II rapids keep the trip exciting, and 8.5 miles of beautiful scenery, access to multiple parks, as well as companies that have operated for 30 years on the river makes way for a memorable experience at a family-friendly cost.

For more detailed trip info, you can check out KnightsFerryRafting.com.

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