Valley Oak Recreation Area

Perhaps the best kept secret on the Stanislaus is Valley Oak Recreation Area! Located at roughly 10386 Rodden Road, this campground is just 2.5 miles downstream from Orange Blossom Park, and is often overlooked compared to the other campgrounds on the Stanislaus River. Valley Oak has walking trails, picnic tables, BBQ stands, and restroom facilities, and is largely comprised of walking trails. There are a handful of camping areas that can be booked through the Army Corp (209-881-3517) and there is also river access so that you can boat or kayak directly to the campsite. All camping is walk-in, so you will have to park approximately ¼ mile away from the actual campground area. Also, night drive-in and drive-out is not allowed, so make sure to have all of your supplies and participants ready to go before sundown.

Valley Oak Recreation is a popular group take out location, and during most dates, you can schedule with the local river rafting company to end your trip at this location if you are camping there as well. To schedule special raft-in trips, contact Knights Ferry Rafting at 209-848-4800.


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