What are the fishing regulations on the Stanislaus River?

The fishing regulations for the Stanislaus River vary depending on season, type of fish, and what section of the Stanislaus you are fishing on. Call 916-653-7664 for California Fish and Game Dept. to make sure you are abiding by local laws.

What do I need to raft on the Stanislaus River?

Anyone who is attempting a rafting trip should always come prepared with a coastguard approved personal flotation device, as well as proper equipment for rafting (paddles, a heavy duty inflatable raft, and potentially throw bags, wetsuits, etc.). If you are an inexperienced rafter, you should get your feet wet through a commercial rafting company. Class I-II trips are available on the lower Stanislaus (209-848-4800) or if you are looking for a wilder time, you can contact companies on the upper section (1-800-346-6277 or 1-800-24-RAFTS). Do remember that whitewater rafting is inherently dangerous, and inexperienced rafters risk serious injury or death by taking on waterways they are unfamiliar with. If in doubt, always consult a professional rafting company!

What are normal flows on the Stanislaus River?

On the North Fork, flows in the 250-500 range are common January-end of March. Spring flows can ramp the flow up drastically into the 1500+ range through April and May, with flows returning to the low hundreds for the remainder of the year. Flows on the lower Stanislaus are often similar in pattern, with lower flows June-March, and higher flows in the spring months. The lower Stanislaus also sees a release of about 1200 in October to aid in the Salmon migration. Flows can be found at http://www.dreamflows.com/flows-canv.php and flows should always be checked before you take a private trip on one of these rivers. Because of dam control, flows from year to year are unpredictable and can vary by more than 1,000cfs from day to day!

Where can I camp on/near the Stanislaus?

North Fork
Calaveras Big Trees State Park 209-795-2334 or Golden Pines RV Resort 209-795-2820
Middle Fork
Boulder Flat Campground 209-532-3671 or Dardanelle Campground 209-965-3434
South Fork
Hull Creek Campground ((209) 586-3234)
Lower Stanislaus At Horseshoe Park or Valley Oak Campground (209-881-3517) or at Tulloch Lake (209-881-0107)

If you have any other questions please contact us at info@StanislausRiver.com

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